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Tech Home IPTV service is the best option for family entertainment. IPTV service is highly in demand as users can access hundreds of Live TV channels, thousands of movies, and their favorite TV shows on any smart device by just connecting to the internet. IPTV is a modern way of watching TV where you get to stream over 2000 channels in HD quality with low buffering rates. You get unlimited access to the most popular TV channels including Sky sports and TV networks like HBO and ABC.

Profitable Business Opportunity with No Risk

Start Immediately

You can start this business immediately as it requires minimum time to get started as soon you pay for subscription; you’ll get your reselling portal credentials. There you can set your reselling price and start earning.

Minimum Resources Required

You can start this incredible affiliate program with minimum sources as it requires very low investment and a minimum workforce. You can even start selling on your own sitting in the comfort of your home.

Work from Home or Use Existing Setup

In case you have a call center set up then this is an ideal opportunity for you to boost your business, or you can also work from home to kick start your earnings or start an extra income stream.

Recurring Billing

Tech Home IPTV resellers program is an ideal business opportunity that comes with a recurring billing system where your customers will be paying every month for their subscriptions.

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As more people are realizing the value of IPTV, IPTV reselling is becoming more popular as a business.However, the biggest challenge is to find a suitable provider, where you can grab good profits into your pockets. This is what we do!!! We offer the most friendly prices in the market which you are not goanna find anywhere else. As we are eagerly concerned that our sellers make handsome profits.

Become Tech Home IPTV Reseller with us, we provide a low-risk business opportunity for those seeking to make a fortune.

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IPTV Reseller Plans

Our reseller-specific pricing model is designed to help
you improve margins.


$29.99 USD

Get daily 10 free trials

Your own reseller panel

Valid for 3 days

TV guide (EPG) Avail

Credits will never expire

$300 USD

50 Credits

Add up to 50 Customers

One-Time Payment

Instant Activation

10,000 Live Channels

25,000 VOD

99.9% Uptime servers

24/7 Online Support

Credits will never expire

$500 USD

100 Credits

Add up to 100 Customers

One-Time Payment

Instant Activation

10,000 Live Channels

25,000 VOD

99.9% Uptime servers

24/7 Online Support

Non US Resident

$1000 USD

Website E commerce

LLC Formation

Training Material



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Our Reseller Program Comes up
with Matchless Features

Tech Home IPTV reseller program have got exceptional features that can accelerate your business growth.

Excellent Service Quality

Our customers are delighted with our splendid IPTV service, as it offers 4k HD video streaming without any buffering and 99% uptime.

Higher Profit Margins

You can set your own reselling price as reseller of our program, to make desired amount of profits from your business.

Competitive Prices

Our prices are very competitive and allow resellers to attract audience by offering viable pricing and stand above the competition.

Resellers Training

Our reseller program comes with exclusive training for the dealers. We provide fully functional websites that acts as the face of business.

24/7 Support

Expert technical support is available 24/7 to assist our resellers.

Credit with No Expiry

Our exclusive dealership allow resellers to renew accounts whenever they want by using the existing credit on their reseller balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the name implies, IPTV, also known as Internet Protocol Television, is created through the usage of Internet Protocol. Since broadband connections are widely utilized in telecommunications, any service that brings packet data can be used with IPTV.

IPTV is compatible to all kind of devices including smart TV, IOS, Android, Mac and other devices. It can be used anywhere by simply connecting to the internet.

Majority of the IPTV streaming apps requires approximately 10-15 mbps for smooth HD streaming.

IPTV Reseller program is simply buying subscriptions at lower prices and reselling them at your own price. It allows resellers to make huge profits. Our affiliates create and sell IPTV subscriptions through dedicated portals assigned to them.

We don’t require set up charges or any other hidden charges, simply select your plan pay the subscription fee and start selling right after receiving your portal credentials.

To join Tech Home IPTV resellers program you must apply for the dealership by filling out the dealership form given above, afterwards our customer support team will get in touch with you shortly and explain about the reseller program and how you can join and start making money.

Yes, we provide our dealers with fully functional websites that can be added to their package on demand.
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